Carbir F1000 Project

While the F600 body project is underway, I’ve been finishing up other work to get ready for F600 chassis production.  Below are photos of the Carbir F1000 suspension spar.  These billet aluminum parts get bolted to the frame, just behind the engine.  All of the rear suspension gets bolted to the spar along with the differential.  Lots of CNC time in these parts.  As always, Jay Novak of NovaRace LLC provides 3D models of all components.DSCN1446 DSCN1447 DSCN1448 DSCN1450 DSCN1451 DSCN1452DSCN1423

The picture above is the rocker support bracket being machined on my Bridgeport CNC.  Just push the start button and stand back!